Colour and light
The role of colour and light when it comes to corporate event photography

Many of our hours behind the camera has been spent at conferences taking photos of speakers and delegates and capturing the general vibe of the event.  Corporate photography is more challenging than it looks. Most often we need to work with very low light situations, and because we prefer not using our flash this means that we truly need to seek pretty light. More often than not the venues are a bit dull and colourless, which means that apart from good light we also have to incorporate colour into the photos in some way. As corporate photographers it is our job to make the photos pop – sometimes we need to make it look more exciting than it actually is.

Colour and light for Corporate Photography

We realize that putting up a conference can be super expensive and only the necessities make the cut. After everything has been paid for there may not be much money left to use for décor and lighting, however, making the stage more attractive does not need to cost a whole lot of money. Good lighting on stage makes the world of difference to the photos and that stage light reflects back onto the delegates, which again works wonders for making the photos look pretty. The easiest and most cost effective way is to put a colourful light on each end of the stage and put up a good spotlight so the speakers are well lit on stage. The lights on the sides bring colour and add great ambient light, while the spotlight draws your attention to the speaker and gives us the opportunity to get fantastic creative shots.

Colour and light for Corporate Events

The second important thing to remember when looking for great corporate photos is branding.

You’ve set up a conference, you’ve hired a photographer and you want to use the corporate photos for marketing purposes, correct? So be proud of your brand and flaunt it! Make sure there are banners or some kind of branding material on stage close to the speaker so it is possible to get photos of both the speaker and the company logo in one shot. Branding around the exhibition area is also a great way to add colour and advertise the company.

Corporate Event Photography

The last tip we have for getting the most out of your corporate photos: declutter. Keep the stage area clear and clutter-free. Make sure that cables have been neatly taped down and keep the podium as clear as possible. So many times we have to try to shoot around dangling cables when the best shot is from the same angle as to where the cables are hanging from. Ideally, you would have a neat podium with a wireless laptop and wireless microphone so there is very little to draw your attention away from the speaker, and it makes our job a little easier too.

A professional corporate photographer will deliver good quality photos no matter the circumstances, but it definitely pays to add elements that add that professional touch which will give the photos a truly polished finish.

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