About Us

Welcome to Kaimara.

We are a passionate team of creative professionals, brought together with the same vision: to capture photographs and videos that are unparalleled in their quality and unique beauty.  We are based in Pretoria, but our team extends nationwide and we travel to any South African location.

Our services extend across all types of events, both corporate and private.  Our expert photographers specialise in a number of areas, including studio shots, portraits, aerial photography, and weddings.


Kaimara stays ahead when it comes to equipment and new technology.  This is evident not only by the cameras that we use, but also in the techniques we specialise in.  Our aerial drone photography, for instance, gives us a competitive edge that we really enjoy.

We must admit that having the opportunity to capture loving moments at our clients’ weddings are often projects that make the top of our favourite lists.  Our wedding photographers all have vast experience and the true art is evident when you are no longer even aware that they are there.  Our gift lies in taking natural photographs, with as much warm light as possible, and no harsh poses and fake smiles.  We often suggest that couples choose to have their photographs taken just before sunset.  Not only is it more romantic, but the images we are able to capture are incredible.

Our photographic composition is what gives our images the competitive edge.  We choose angles and lighting that is often overlooked, and the results are rather remarkable.  This is evident in both our corporate and bridal portfolios.

Clients often ask us what they need to do or how they should pose.  Our answer is always the same: Simply be yourself.

In return, we will be ourselves; bringing all our skills, experience, and top notch equipment to create photographs that capture your personality and mood.  One perk of working with a larger company like Kaimara, is that we can match you with a photographer who is ideally suited for your unique needs.  This is followed by an entire team working behind the scenes to produce an album that could never be matched.



Stanley Molefe

Video Editor
Camera Operator
Make-up Artist
Quality Assurance practitioner in Aviation

Degree in Film and Production design from Open Window

M King

Martin Luther King

"The time is always right to do what is right."

Miki van Rooyen

Make-up Artist

BA Degree in Psychology from University of Pretoria



"If a man whistles at you. Don’t respond. You are a lady, not a dog."

Pieter Uys

Video Editor
Camera Operator

B Tech Degree in Multimedia design from Tshwane University of Technology


General Jack D. Ripper

"Fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face."

So there it is – be yourself, have fun, show the camera how much you adore your new spouse, and enjoy the day.  The hours fly by so fast and the chaos of the event is often underestimated.  Your job isn’t to worry about getting all the “right” photos at the “right” time – leave that to us.

We love what we do, have fun while we’re doing it, and this will certainly rub off on you on your big day.  That is how we get all those smiles - even in corporate shots.  It’s the person behind the camera our clients respond to.  And then we click.

It’s that simple. And that is impossible to beat.