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Hiring one company to do the wedding photos and wedding video as a one stop shop

You got engaged–hurray!

All the butterflies flutter-flutter in your tummy and you are actually already in the honeymoon phase. You start dreaming of your perfect wedding day and get lost in thoughts of celebration and beauty. Then it hits you: the decisions.

When planning a wedding you need to make thousands of decisions while trying your best to accommodate everyone involved. This can be quite a daunting task. It is daunting and it is exhausting!

wedding photography and wedding videography

One thing you can do to avoid a little bit of extra stress is to hire one company to do the wedding photos and wedding video –a one-stop shop to capture the most precious moments on your wedding day. You will have less admin to worry about which will save you some precious planning time. After all is said and done all you have left of your wedding day are the wedding photos and wedding video, so you need to make sure that you are in excellent hands. Finding one reputable company will just set your mind to rest knowing that that important “to-do” has been ticked off.

Another great benefit of doing this is that the company you have hired to photograph and film your wedding will most likely have a team working on your wedding that has worked together before and who know each other well. As a photographer, you intuitively know how the others in the team work, move and think. You will know when to get out of the way and when you can quickly go in to grab a shot. There is also no competition between photographer and videographer to get better shots or to get more time with the couple.

Unfortunately, when you hire different companies it is possible that the photography team and the video team don’t completely click work-wise which can cause some frustration. Not to worry though, we’re all proper professionals so the bride and groom shouldn’t even catch on to any conflict.;)

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