Creating Buzz and Captivating Audiences: The Success story of Citadel’s Premiere Activation



In the competitive landscape of streaming platforms, capturing the attention of audiences and generating excitement for new content is crucial. When Prime Video South Africa was gearing up for the release of the spy thriller “Citadel,” they recognized the need for an immersive and experiential approach to engage South African viewers. Collaborating with the creative minds at Machine_ Cape Town, they brought the world of espionage to life through a captivating activation that not only grabbed attention but also resulted in a resounding success for the show’s premiere.

Creating Immersion:

Understanding the curiosity of South African audiences, the team at Machine_ devised a plan to immerse viewers in the thrilling world of “Citadel.” The objective was to replicate the journey that the show’s characters would embark upon and to entice audiences to be part of this captivating experience. The first step was to grab attention, and that required something truly extraordinary—both in size and impact.

The Activation:

Nelson Mandela Square, located in Johannesburg, served as the perfect venue for the larger-than-life activation. Being the biggest mall in the country’s largest city, it provided an ideal setting to captivate a wide range of potential viewers. The activation was meticulously executed, with every detail designed to transport visitors into the world of espionage. From interactive elements to captivating visuals, the experience aimed to leave a lasting impression on all who encountered it.

The Success:

The result of this innovative activation was nothing short of extraordinary. The buzz and awareness generated by the campaign were monumental, propelling “Citadel” to become the most-viewed show on its debut weekend on Prime Video South Africa. The strategic decision to create an immersive experience that tapped into the curiosity of South African audiences paid off immensely.

Acknowledging the Team:

The success of this activation would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of various individuals and departments. Machine_ Cape Town, led by their Managing Director Robyn Campbell, brought together a talented team including Senior Strategist Emily Shaw, Creative Group Head Roderick Laka, and Editor Pieter Uys of Kaimara. Their dedication and expertise in executing this grand vision ensured that the activation resonated with audiences and created the desired impact.


The premiere activation of “Citadel” stands as a testament to the power of experiential marketing and its ability to generate excitement and engagement among audiences. By crafting an immersive experience that brought the world of espionage closer to South African viewers, Prime Video South Africa successfully turned an unfamiliar franchise into a resounding success. The collaboration between Machine_ Cape Town and Kaimara showcased the importance of creative execution and strategic planning in capturing the attention of audiences in today’s competitive streaming landscape.

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