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29 May 2020
by Miki van Rooyen

With social distancing being at the order of the day our perception of normal is slowly changing. Large gatherings will not be permitted for quite some time, and yet the world must go on. Thankfully, technology is our friend. Professional live video streaming services have various benefits and has become a crucial part of work- and personal life for many people around the world. Before downloading a free application to DIY video streaming, consider the advantages of hiring a team of professionals to handle it for you.

Live streaming for Conferences

Whether used by individuals or corporate companies, live streaming a conference, meeting or social event allows you to reach and interact with more people across the globe. One of the greatest benefits of professional live streaming is that you have the option to create an interactive experience where participants can join in the conversation, pose questions, add comments and engage with the speakers as well as their peers. You can add a live feed from a social media platform of your choice which just makes the experience that much more interesting for all involved. Receiving and answering questions in real-time via Twitter, for example, not only makes the meeting or conference more appealing but also much more effective. Speakers can speak directly to the audience’s needs and questions without delay, due to the live feed of comments and questions at their disposal. You will most probably also have a wider audience engagement as people are more prone to raise questions via social media than in front of a live audience.

The quality of professional live streaming is incomparable to the quality of a Zoom meeting. We are a team of professionals who use high-quality camera- and audio equipment. In essence, it is still a video production and quality is key. All the recordings from the conference or event will be saved and it is possible to create a highlights clip of the most important parts of the day, or even deliver all the video footage for the client to use at a later stage. If streamed through Facebook or YouTube the video will remain there as a post, which users will be able to share.

Video live streaming services can be effective and impactful in a wide variety of contexts, including product and services promotions, live announcements, online classes and even organised gatherings. Physical events are usually limited to the space available at a given venue. With live streaming, however, you can invite as many people as you like to attend the event. 

Live Streaming for Weddings

The wedding industry has been greatly affected by the limitations set by the lockdown and our hearts go out to all the suppliers, venues and especially couples who have been affected by this. However, the human race is very adaptable and we need to stay positive and make the best out of the circumstances we face.

Couples will still get married, but the number of wedding guests will probably be limited for a long time to come. As sad as it is not to have all of your loved ones close by to witness your wedding day, live streaming the wedding will bring you closer. 

If you hire a professional team to stream your wedding you will still get to share the day with all your loved ones. With various camera angles and camera operators, your wedding will be covered from all sides. It is treated as a proper video production with professional cameramen using only the best equipment to make sure the quality of your video is top-notch. 

You get to stream the video to your guests at home, and you will receive an edited highlights video encapsulating the best moments of your wedding day. Two in one!

Considering that you will have fewer guests at the wedding, your venue, decor and catering bills may be significantly lower, which opens up some funds for a wedding video, which you may not have considered before. The bonus of having streaming services is that it doubles as a wedding video, which may actually save you money in the end.

We realise that times are tough and many things are still uncertain, but South Africans are nothing if not resilient. Keeping a positive mindset and adapting to the new standards will not only get us through this but make us stronger. Let us help you make the most of your conference, social event or wedding – we promise it will be worth it!



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