by by Miki van Rooyen

One of our ultimate favourites!

Don't get us wrong, we love taking photos of all of our couples. 😉 This shoot, however, just worked. We had beautiful light, an amazing location and a couple that could easily walk onto the spread of a "pretty people's" magazine.

Steven contacted us to buy a voucher for a shoot to surprise Nicole with for their anniversary, which is a great gift idea! We met up and chatted about what they wanted to do, but there are lots of options, which could get a bit confusing. They wanted to do something different, so when they came across a construction site of an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G house in Waterkloof, Pretoria, they knew that that was it! We ended up shooting much longer than we had planned, but we just couldn't help ourselves - it was the ideal location.

It was difficult to choose just a few, but we managed to sift through all the pretties to bring you these... Enjoy!

*Rocket is the cute little fluffy one who definitely had to be part of the shoot. 😉