Getting it right the first time – How to ask for a photography quote

17 May 2021
by Miki van Rooyen

“What are your prices for a photography session?” you ask. Well, it’s not quite as simple as offering a flat hourly rate. Let us guide you in providing all the necessary information to get an accurate quotation.

Where will the photo session take place? We need to know whether to add travelling and accommodation fees and if the photo session is going to take place outside of Pretoria, we need to keep travel time and time spent out of the office in mind.

When will the shoot take place? We need to check our availability and possibly pencil book a date for your project.

How many hours of photography time will you need? It depends on what you have in mind, and what you would like to achieve with the shoot. The amount of hours booked does depend on the nature of the shoot, how many people are involved etc. If you are hesitant, let us help you determine the amount of time required for your photo session

Do you need any special editing? For example, with portrait photography, we do get requests to soften skin and do finer, more extensive editing to make the person look flawless. With product photography we get asked more often than not to remove the background, or change the colour of the background, and this can take a lot of editing time. We do need to know what exactly you need before we can give you accurate pricing

For portraits and product photography, would you like us to bring any special equipment? We have a mobile studio with studio lights and a variety of backdrops, so if required, we can set up at your office for maximum convenience to you and your staff members being photographed.

Over the years Kaimara has grown into a reputable photography and video production company with a network of reliable staff and a strong client base. Kaimara prides itself on delivering not just outstanding work, but a professional experience. We have a proven track record and enjoy long-standing relationships with clients such as the CSIR, Amazon Web Services, CueAV, One39 Central and The Economist Group.

Our in-house photographers are skilled professionals with years of experience, providing services for corporate photography, portrait photography, product photography, event photography and studio photography.

We believe that successful photography finds the perfect balance between a skilled photographer and equipment that is suited to each specific project. The team employs a suite of professional Canon DSLR cameras with a multitude of lenses, as well as a variety of lighting systems, catering for photography and video productions. 

We are passionate about making our clients look good and helping them grow their business or better their brand. We are open to ideas and suggestions, and we are happy to answer as many questions as you need to ask. In the end, you need to be happy with the work that is delivered to you, and we will do our best to make that happen.

Contact us now for a customised quote for photography services to suit your needs!



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