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First of all, what is the definition of a corporate video? A corporate video is a film that tells the audience what your company or organization is all about. In this case, our corporate client is a non-profit organization, not exactly the same as a big corporate, but the same rules in creating the corporate video apply.
We created this video for a non-profit organization and in doing so contributed to the cause in the best way we know how; we gave our time and expertise to film footage for We hold this cause close to our hearts and truly believe in the good work that they do.
After discussing her ideas and forming a better view of what is required, we decided that we would make a film about the impact that rhino poaching has on the people trying to protect our rhinos. We knew that we would have to interview as many people as possible and try to get the real, emotional side of their stories.
Filming this project was quite exciting, as we got to travel to various wildlife parks across South Africa and Swaziland. Our country has the most amazing sites!
Corporate videos tend to be boring and emotionless, but with this video it was different. We were able to connect with people, connect with their hearts and tell the story and show the emotion of the real heroes that work tirelessly against the fight against rhino poaching. Through their stories, we were able to show the impact of the work that does.
After two years of filming and getting some awesome video shots, we jumped right into our video-editing suite and started editing this film.
All of our corporate videos follow the same workflow; we start by looking at the script to get an outline of the video, then we edit the video interviews and after that, we cut out all the boring stuff and look for the best snippets from each interview and match b-roll to the interviewee’s story.
We then put all the video files together and started arranging them in an order that makes sense to our storyboard.
Of course, music is one of the most important parts of video – it elicits emotion and has a big part in telling the story. We spend quite a bit of time looking for the perfect song for each corporate video that we do.
In this case, we decided not to use any music and just used the existing Bushveld sounds we had recorded while shooting, and added a sound or two here and there for effect.
Our client was super happy with the corporate video we had created for her – we even had her in tears! Nothing pleases us more than having a happy client:
“Having seen the quality of their productions first hand, Kaimara Studio’s pro-bono offer to create a video for was met with open arms.  This genuine and generous gesture has given us a video that we are exceptionally proud of. We are forever indebted, in particular to Pieter Uys, for weaving together a complex story that captures the essence of who we are as an organisation – and even more so the calibre of people we support in this cause.”
We used the following video equipment to film and produce this corporate video:
  1. This corporate video was filmed on a Canon 5Dmkiii and 5Dmkiv
  2. The sound was recorded on Zoom H4n Pro with Sennheiser microphones.
  3. Some of the video shots were filmed on the GoPro Hero 5
  4. Manfrotto video tripods
  5. Gorilla tripods
  6. We also used the rhino slider for all our video sliding shots.
The best thing about filming a video with the Canon 5Dmkiv was the 1×7 crop factor on 4k, which enabled me to get more reach on my Canon 70-200 lens, making it 135-400mm and I could then crop the video even more in post-production as the final video was delivered in Full HD.
Please watch and share this video.


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